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The KEUCO ROYAL L1 mirror cabinet knows how to perform 
With the intuitive operation of the rotary dimmer you can conveniently choose between three LED lighting scenarios  
When it comes to lighting, the choice is yours with the three modes of the KEUCO’s ROYAL L1 mirror cabinet: The complete front illumination across the entire width of the mirror cabinet with simultaneous, unobtrusive upward wall lighting is perfect for daily care needs. The pleasantly indirect washbasin lighting, which highlights only the fitting with its focus, can act as night-light for orientation or create the perfect lighting for a relaxing bath, for example. To light up the whole room it is also possible to select both lighting modes at once. With KEUCO's innovative rotary dimmer for mirror cabinets, the light intensity can be dimmed to any setting. This dimmer can be found unobtrusively positioned and ready at hand on the underside of the mirror cabinet body. A simple rotation and the desired brightness are set. The modern LED bulbs used emit a pleasant warm-white luminous colour of 3000 Kelvin and offer a considerable 30,000+ operating hours. Their brightness and colour accuracy are so good that every look in the mirror becomes a treat. A particularly clever feature of the KEUCO rotary dimmer is its ability to save the most recently selected mode and light intensity.  
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